On April 20 of this year, some students at Tarleton State University made a decision – one that went against Tarleton polbicy.

“These people, they call themselves ‘drunk softball teams,’ but in reality, most of them are not registered to play intramural softball,” Ashley Ford, a former Tarleton student, said.

All over campus, there are signs that say “student focused.” But the new focus here at Tarleton is becoming quite a problem.

“Obviously, hazing is a problem. Hazing isn’t just a problem at this school – it’s a problem nationwide,” student Quanecia Fraser said.

The university declined to comment, but did send Fox 15 this statement:

“We are aware of the situation that involved non-recognized university groups and we are following our student disciplinary processes, as well as cooperating with Stephenville police. The university has programs in place to raise student awareness of the risks and consequences associated with alcohol/drug abuse and hazing, including requiring the leadership of all recognized student organizations to annually complete an anti-alcohol/drug and hazing prevention education program. We are working to enhance current measures and extend anti-alcohol/drug abuse and hazing prevention programs. Our primary concern is the safety and health of our students.”

It has been several months since the incident took place, but students say the school is still reeling from the negative image cast on it.

“A lot of people are upset that people’s names are out there. These people that have arrest warrants out, they are prominent people on campus. They’re involved in organizations, people like them, people know them.”

Fraser said that even with his incident, Tarleton won’t let it damage their reputation permanently.

“Go to the school for a day and actually interact with the people. You’ll see that this is a great school, and there is a lot of positive things. But just like a lot of other colleges, bad things do happen and the best we can do is just learn from them.”

Stephenville Police have confirmed that 12 students have been arrested, and they are still investigating others possibly tied to the hazing.