IRVING -- A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the family of Ahmed Mohamed.

Police arrested the then-14-year-old in 2015 after he brought a homemade clock to school. It was mistaken by a teacher for a bomb, and he was nicknamed "clock boy" as his case gained worldwide attention.

The teen's family filed a federal complaint against the City of Irving and the Irving Independent School District. But the judge has since ruled that there was no evidence of racial or religious discrimination.

As WFAA previously reported, Mohamed's lawsuit sought $15 million in damages and demanded an apology from district officials.

The lawsuit claimed the teen's civil rights were violated during the incident, and that he was the subject of "wrongful interrogation" due to his race.

Lawyers for Irving ISD released the following statement on Friday:

We are pleased with the decision reached by Judge Sam Lindsay. The court recognized the challenging situations faced by the individuals who serve our communities in public schools. Schools and principals must make decisions every day regarding student safety. The opinion confirms that there was no suggestion of discriminatory intent by any school district employee. As the court explained, “Principals are responsible for the safety of students and others on campus and, as part of that responsibility, often have to make decisions quickly and with little information…. A principal’s fate is not so hapless that, on the one hand, by not taking action he is faced with the gruesome prospect of death or serious injury of persons had the device actually been a bomb and exploded; and, on the other hand, he is faced with a federal lawsuit for denial of a student’s constitutional rights because the device turned out not to be a bomb.”