Gaming giants Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all made their pitches to gamers around the globe, rolling out their best stuff at L.A.’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

But only Microsoft had new hardware to show off – and all eyes were on them as they unveiled their new console.

It’s called the Xbox One X and the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, said it’s the world’s most powerful gaming console ever made.

“That means your games are gonna look great, look better than anything you’ve seen. A lot of technologists will get into the numbers, six teraflops, 40 percent more CPU, the things you’re talking about. But for most people, it’s, ‘I want to see great things on my television,’” Spencer said.

It’s also the smallest Xbox to hit the shelf, and it’s capable of super-sampling -- which means gamers don’t’ need a 4K TV to take advantage of the new video quality. It should look better on non-4K TVs too.

The good news for parents: Xbox One X is backwards compatible with all existing Xbox One games, right out of the box. No software or patches necessary.

But all that power comes with a price. At $499, Xbox One X is also more expensive than any other console currently on the market.

The big question: Will Xbox’s most powerful console ever be able to take on its rival, Sony’s PlayStation Pro 4? The PS4 Pro has a two-to-one sales lead over Microsoft’s Xbox One…but this new console could be a game changer.