The special session has ended and the transgender bathroom issue still remains a question.
And with Texas being a predominantly republican state, many are wondering why the bill that was opposed by so many did not pass.

Political Science professor at ACU, Dr. Neal Coates said the bill didn’t pass for a very simple reason. He said, "the bathroom bill did not pass because the speaker of the house, Joe Strauss is personally opposed to it."

Dr. Coates said Strauss, the Speaker of the House for the state of Texas is a moderate republican, and has different views than many of the other chair holders in the Texas legislature including Governor Greg abbot.

Of the 150 members in the House, the majority of them are Republicans and that does represent that Texas is a red state but there are also Democrats and some of those Republicans are moderate.

Because of the different parties being together there is now an unbalance of who has more power.

Dr. Coates said, “the whole agenda in the House is much more moderate than the more conservative Texas senate or the governor."

Governor Abbott has yet to announce if he plans on another special session to try to sway the decision of Strauss. But other Republican leaders have said they will come back to the fight in 2019.