The Fourth of July is on a Tuesday this year but the laws are still the same.

Possessing fireworks inside city limits is legal but setting them off within city limits is not. And doing so can cost you hundreds of dollars in fines.

Abilene Police say the best way to stay out of trouble and keep your home and neighborhood safe is to be proactive. Rick Tomlin, with APD said this, "If you see a neighbor setting off fireworks call our non-emergency number."

APD says to only call the emergency number if there is a fire or a health issue. Police also say to be aware that they will be receiving a high number of calls on the holiday and they will be handling those in the order they come.

Tomlin also said, as a reminder, fireworks inside city limits are illegal for a reason. He says these laws are in place to keep the people of Abilene safe during this American tradition.