Hardin-Simmons University has released a statement saying they will no longer be using "...any flag representing the Confederate States of America flag."

“Each flag carries with it a context,” said HSU President Eric Bruntmyer in a letter to HSU faculty and staff. “In ideal circumstances, flags are unifying symbols, serving as common representations of purpose and pride. In other cases, however, flags can be divisive symbols which create conflict and disunity.”

For nearly 90 years, HSU's Six White Horses Program has entertained crowds and helped leaders grow. This program has educated crowds about Texas culture while displaying the six flags of Texas as part of their exhibition, including the first national flag of the Confederate States of America.

Bruntmyer, the HSU Board of Trustees and the University’s Administrative Leadership Team recently began exploring ways HSU might speak to racial reconciliation in our community. During this exploration, HSU examined how the practice of using any flag of the Confederacy reflected misalignment with the university’s history, core values,and future goals, according to the press release.

“More than anything, we look to scripture to inform us on how to live as faithful Christ-followers. “We desire to do what is right – to be family together and good neighbors to all. We want to stand in unity with the image of God reflected in every person,” said Bruntmyer.

“In making this decision,” Bruntmyer said, “I want to acknowledge the proud history and significance of our Six White Horses Program, its leadership, and the riders over the years who have served so faithfully as global ambassadors.”

HSU’s Six White Horses will continue to feature the flags of the United States of America and the State of Texas in their performances.