“It’s just like they love you.”

It’s the purr-fect blend of comfort and companionship. Cat therapy has come to Santa Barbara.

Feline fans are excited about the idea of spending time, petting, feeding and bonding with their furry new friends and taking a break from the stresses of human life.

“My coworker told me about it, and I read about them online, like in Japan and things like that. And so, when I found out we had them here, I was like, very, very excited.”

You won’t find any kittens – cat therapy exclusively features adult cats.

Cat therapy purr-veyor Catalina Esteves says the hope is to find these shelter cats a fur-ever home.

“Some of them have been in the shelter for a year-and-a-half, so when you place them in an environment like this, they really start to show their personalities and it’s easier for a possible adopter to not only connect with them, but to get to know them better and to know if it’s really a good match for their home or not,” Esteves said.

“I wish I could adopt them all.”

Cat therapy brings a new business model to downtown State Street – the specialty lounge doubles as a café. Patrons can order food to be delivered from a nearby restaurant, or they can bring their own treats.

“This is a happy place. We try to make people happy. So, when they come here, I can see their smiles and that’s the reason why they come back,” Esteves said. “And so, I think we’re going to do well.”