Just outside of San Antonio, a former military member and some four-legged friends are helping other service members with post-traumatic stress.

Brice Cavanaugh served in the Marine Corps and also has an extensive background in training K9s.

Cavanaugh now runs the non-profit service dog training program “Operation Overwatch.”

Having a service man or woman with PTSD work with therapy dogs can lead to a special type of healing after hanging up the uniform. Operation Overwatch’s motto is “Healing at Both Ends of the Leash.”

The healing is not only for the men and women in the program, but also the dogs, which are rescues themselves.

“A lot of times when we leave, there is a loneliness because we are used to working with a team and being part of a mission. These dogs help provide that. That’s why we selected the name ‘Operation Overwatch,’” Cavanaugh said.

Cavanaugh says a service animal may not be for everyone, but they should be available for the brave servicemen and women that need help.