More Americans are suffering with stress, depression and anxiety than ever before. Researchers looked at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention health survey, finding more than eight million adults suffer from serious psychological distress. They estimate in 2014, nearly one in 10 of these people were unable to get the help they need because their health insurance didn’t cover it.

When it comes to reading skills, kindergarten may be the new first grade. A study in the journal Educational Researcher finds kids entering the first grade in the United States are much better prepared to learn they were in the past. Researchers looked at more than 2,300 schools from 44 states – and first graders now had significantly better reading skills than they did just 12 years ago.

And finally, facing your fear may not be the way to deal with spiders. Researchers say arachnophobia is the third most common phobia in the United States. Scientists trained people with an admitted fear of spiders a behavior modification technique where they felt they could control a situation. Subjects who received this training were more willing to get closer to a real spider after the experiment than those who were not.