Many organizations have come forward during this time of disaster asking for money and supplies to send to Harvey victims.

But how do you know if the charity is really sending money or is just taking advantage of disasters?

Michelle Parrish with the Community Foundation of Abilene said, “it’s really discouraging to think that people would take advantage of others in this situation but we know it's going to happen."

Michelle said too often she sees illegitimate charities pop up during disasters or tragedies. But she said there is a way to tell the real from the fake.

She said, "we can confirm a non-profits legitimacy by certain credible sources, the IRS is a great one, Guidestar is another, Charity Navigator is another."

She said she's thankful so many are quick to make a donation but are too trusting of any non-profit.

She said, "we just ask that people who are trying to do good be aware of those who are trying to do harm."

Michelle said the best way to donate and know it’s going where it should is to give to a well known charity.