Hardin-Simmons University donated a variety of printing machines and supplies to the Life Church to help it's congregation promote ministry programs.

Active member and student worker at Life Church, Donte Carleno, said,"Life Church cannot thank Hardin-Simmons enough for their helpful donations to our church. Through these donations, Hardin-Simmons is helping us make a difference in Abilene and share Jesus with others."

These donations will supply the church with materials to continue and promote various ministry programs. One program being highlighted is the Abilene Dream Center. This is a nine-month program to help individuals recover from anxiety, depression and addiction.

For over five years, the center has impacted hundreds of people help overcome their challenges, according to a HSU article.

Life Church will use the printing equipment to create t-shirts, flyers, banners and fundraising materials within the Dream Center Program.

"The acts of kindness from Hardin-Simmons will be a great help to our church and programs. So many people can be helped now because of this college," Carleno said.