The City of Abilene Emergency Management Division wants to inform the public that, "Donations are currently not being accepted in any of the affected areas unless specifically requested by Harvey-impacted emergency management officials. Any self-initiated attempts to arrive on scene and help are discouraged as virtually all roads leading into the areas of Harvey’s impact are impassable. Your time to help will come."

Specified methods to help:

  • Individuals should call (713) 685-2300, if out of area, 3-1-1- if in Houston. This is the number for coordinating volunteers
  • Volunteer website for groups or individuals—register at (likely the most comprehensive and easiest to use)
  • Corporations wanting to donate supplies or money to Houston area (for example, XYZ Corp has truckloads of supplies they want to contribute)
  • Please send an email to or with the following information:
    • Name of organization
    • Name of person to call regarding the donation
    • Email of Point of Contact
    • Service or goods provided
  • Individuals wanting to donate—Harris County & City of Houston Joint Donations Hotline: 1-800-924-5985.
  • Medical volunteers—SETRAC website for medical volunteers to register for disaster volunteer ops: