Thousands of people are donating water, clothes and money, but one very important thing has been left out; food.

But two women from Cross Plains and Abilene are coming together to feed those suffering in south Texas.

Ashley Hall and Haley Jo Oates are cooks and they said the best way they know how to help is to cook.

The two said a hot meal can really change a person’s mindset.

They said, "we're not gonna show up and make Campbell’s soup out of a can, whatever we do we're gonna make fresh, quality food, home cooked meals."

The said they’re hoping these few hot meals really make a difference for those going through unimaginable circumstances.

They said, "after a police officer works all day rescuing people if we went down there and brought him biscuits and gravy for the next morning and a cup of coffee, yeah it would be a good start"

But Ashley and Haley Jo said helping is just part of who they are.

They said, "we're Texans, we live in Texas and this is close to home, I mean these are our people and it just can’t happen to us we need to come together as a community and as a state."

The two have also gathered several other trucks to help and are asking for donations so they can feed as many people as possible.

Haley Jo and Ashley have already received some donations of food from a local grocery store and teamed up with another catering business.

Ashley will be collecting more donations in Cross Plains Friday afternoon and the pair will be heading south, food truck in tow on Saturday.