Thursday and Friday morning, an advanced animal cruelty investigators' course is being held by Rescue the Animals.

It’s intended for law enforcement from the 19 surrounding counties and is held once a year.

This training gives them the tools and knowledge to know how to handle calls on animal neglect or abuse. It also equips them with the sills to go out and handle the situations.

Sheriffs, peace officers, deputies and even judges come to this course.

Last year, in October, law enforcement rounded up 218 animals from a Callahan County woman in one setting.

“Believe it or not, there is a lot of animal abuse that goes on in this 19-county area. We get calls every day [about animals] that are not being properly fed, not being properly taken care of, that are being tethered, that are injured,” Lynn Pitcox, an animal cruelty investigator for SPCA, said.

Here’s how you can help: they suggest you always follow your gut. If something looks or feels wrong, give them a call.