On Oct. 18, the Abilene Police Department was dispatched to Hendrick Medical Center about a 19-year-old female who was physically assaulted at Rose Park.

When officers spoke with the victim, Julianna Sanchez, 19, she said that the woman who allegedly assaulted her, Cheyenne Davis, 18, mentioned wanting to fight Sanchez a few months before the October assault.

Sanchez was at Rose Park waiting to meet a potential date when she was randomly punched in the back of the head, by the alleged suspect. When Sanchez went to text the guy she was meeting, Davis "knocked the cell phone out of her hand, punched her in the back of the head several times, threw her on the ground, causing her head to hit the pavement and then stuck her thumb in Sanchez's left eye" according to the indent report.

In the report, Sanchez stated that the punches to her head did not hurt but when her head hit the pavement it did cause pain, as well as getting poked in the eye. According to the report, officers saw that Sanchez's left eye was swollen. Officers also observed scrapes on Sanchez's left elbow and right knee, and that her jeans were ripped over her right knee.

Sanchez told police she didn't know that Davis and a witness, Krystyn Dixon were at the park. She also said she saw the same car that Dixon drives parked at the park.

According to the report, the incident was filmed by Dixon. The reporting officer did watch the video that has been posted on social media. The video doesn't show the beginning of the altercation, it only shows Sanchez and Davis fighting on the ground in the parking lot of the park.

Sanchez told police that other people at the park were filming the fight and probably caught the entire incident. The reporting officer advised her to get a hold of that video if she could, to save for detectives.

Sanchez told police she wanted to pursue charges for assault.

The cell phone that Sanchez was holding belonged to her friend, victim number two, Bianca Adams, 19. Adams told police while at the hospital, she wanted to press charges for criminal mischief and that the value of the phone was $600.