A sign language class is being offered by Abilene ISD.

“We offer a class for beginner, intermediate, advanced, depending on skill level,” instructor Chloe Cook said.

Cook is looking forward to seeing new faces when the class opens again this year.

It’s for anyone 12 and older.

The program will be held from January 23rd through April 17th.

Cook said it builds a bridge to a community that’s often over shadowed.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for people to come learn more than just a unique language ‘cause everyone’s like ‘oh it’s so interesting to learn sign language. It’s such a beautiful language.’ But it’s more than that,” Cook said.

It will be every Tuesday at Madison Middle School.

The class is no cost to families of students who attend the Regional Day School Program for the Deaf.

She tells me there are dozens of Big Country students who are deaf.

That’s only a portion of the community that is hearing impaired.

“Having that communication, it’s amazing. Because if there’s no communication you aren’t able to figure out anything about that person. You just see them as they are. You don’t get to figure out their interests, their likes, dislikes,” Cook added.

It takes practice, but Cook said anyone will can learn.