The spider monkeys are back on display after a jaguar escaped its enclosure at the Abilene Zoo on Monday.

The zoo’s executive director, Bill Gersonde, says they have hired an investigation team. The group will be working to figure out how the cat got out.

There have been jaguars in the exhibit since 1995.

Gersonde tells Fox 15 they will not be changing their monthly safety protocol or adding security cameras by the cage.

“it’s easy to put a camera up on the front of your store and if somebody breaks in the front door, you got them on footage. But when you’re on a campus that’s 16 acres and there’s numerous facilities, it’s pretty hard to put a camera up that would catch anything and everything,” Gersonde said.

The two jaguars are still in a holding area and will not be released until the zoo is sure the facility is secure.