A Hooters restaurant will open on Abilene’s north side of town.

Abilene Christian University cautions students about filling out an application.

“My first thoughts when I heard about Hooters opening a branch on the north side was this is probably going to get complicated and it did,” a student who prefers to remain anonymous said.

The form-fitting uniform that servers wear doesn’t seem to fit ACU’s policies

In an email to Fox 15, their media relations department said students are asked to consider “both what Hooters represents and whether it supports their faith and the value this business model puts on women.”

The also said students are encouraged to follow “standards set out in the university handbook.”

The Abilene student that sat down with Fox 15 understands their concern.

“I believe yes, because it is a Christian university, it represents those conservative values. So that should have some say in what people do,” the student said.

Some expressed being against the job option on the school newspaper’s Facebook post.

On the flip side, the student we spoke with also said making ends meet is challenging.

“I think there also needs to be a line between, tuition does need to be paid, loans do need to be paid, rent does need to be paid,” the student added.

Former ACU student Ciara Ray said she struggled to pay tuition and other expenses.

“How can they, you know not only charge you a really high tuition rate but also determine how you pay, or how you make a living in general,” Ray said.

Abilene’s Planning and Zoning department told Fox 15 Hooters is not considered a ‘sexually oriented business.’

Fox 15 did reach out to Hooters for their input on the debate.

They haven’t yet responded.