Summer here in Texas means a lot of bugs – but in Anson, they’ve seen their fair share of mosquitos.

With the unusual amount of rainfall recently a broken sprayer, the residents of Anson are running for cover because of misquotes – very large ones, according to some who live in town.

I spoke to many residents who said they’ve never seen mosquitoes this big before, and they can’t even leave their houses.

“Yeah, it’s intense,” Grace Beasley, an Anson resident, said.

Beasley told me she can’t even let her child play outside for fear of being attacked.

“I can’t even let my two-year-old outside without having to drench ourselves with mosquito spray. We get eaten alive.”

Some residents say this is the worst year for the bugs since they can remember, and the only way they are staying away is staying in.

““I’m very grateful for the blessing that we have with the rain, but I can’t really enjoy it because of the mosquitos.”

Others are spraying their own yards instead of waiting for the city, saying they just can’t wait for some relief.

The city did tell me their sprayer is down, but they have ordered a new piece and that should be in very soon.

Meanwhile, the residents of Anson are just hoping for some buggy relief.