The Better Business Bureau warns Abileneans on hypnosis seminars being offered in town.

Mark Patrick Seminars is a business that guarantees it's participants weight loss or quit smoking through a seminar using hypnosis.

“I’m here because I want to lose weight,” Deztene Sweek, seminar participant said.

Dozens of people along with Sweek attended the seminars in south Abilene at the Comfort Suites, Thursday evening.

According to the Better Business Bureau website, the seminar business started in 2014.

The facilitator for the seminars, John Jaco, said, “Hypnosis is part of the seminars. We do two seminars.”

Each seminar cost $50 per person.

Jaco said, “It’s about helping people to become aware of the things they are doing that are contributing as to why they’re not able to get control of their weight or become a non-smoker on their own.”

Sweek said, “I just want to be out there again. I want to do what everyone else is doing. I want to run like everyone else.”

The BBB website shows four positive reviews like: “Such a positive experience,” or “Mark Patrick Seminars works.”

But, eight complaints have also been filed within the last thirty-six months.

“I’m not aware of any of that. That’s not anything that I’m aware of personally,” Jaco said. “But I do know that nothing is 100% but we do offer a 100% money back guarantee.”

The bad reviews doesn’t discourage Sweek from attending and paying the $50.

“My aunt did the smoking seminar,” said Sweek. “When she did this, she had to desire to smoke immediately.”