The City gave an unexpected press conference the afternoon of Sept. 13 to address the controversial Facebook comment Abilene's City Councilman, Steve Savage posted.

Executive Director of Abilene Convention and Visitor's Bureau (ACVB) wrote on her Facebook, "I am grateful to live in a city that offers great opportunity to live, work and visit. I thank our city leadership both past and present."

Savage commented, "You mean you are glad your paycheck is secure for one more year..."

He then tagged Trish Dressen, communications director for ACVB, in a comment saying, "Trish Dressen yours too."

Liles responded to Savage's comment: "Steve, my job has never been about me. I love this city and I want to do everything I can to create economic growth so our city thrives for our children and grandchildren. I know you want the same. Thank you for your service."

Savage responded, "B.P."

The meaning of the term "B.P" was not cleared up at the conference.

Mayor Anthony Williams is aware of the situation but is currently out of town. Mayor Pro Tempore Shane Price hosted the press conference concerning the city councilman's behavior.

Price said, "Mayor Anthony Williams and councilman Steve Savage are friends and he appreciates the support that he provided to him during the campaign. He [Williams] is however very disappointed with the words that he [Savage] chose to use in that social media post."

The council members will meet again in two weeks during their normal executive session time. During that time, a decision will be made regarding councilman Savage and his post. However, any action taken will be done in a public meeting after the executive session is over.