Abilene City Council will be voting on two major topics on Tuesday, Sept. 12, that include applying for police body armor from the state and repairing damage caused by the 2014 hail storm.

Governor Greg Abbott created a grant program to increase the safety of officers after the Dallas police shooting in July of 2016. Abbott signed Senate Bill 12 for this matter.

Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge said this armor will be helpful. He said, "Well 150 doesn't cover all the officers, so we're asking for 117 through the state grant, criminal justice division. 117 would equip all remaining officers."

City Manager Robert Hanna said this will also keep money in taxpayers' pockets.

On the other hand, City Council has brought up the 2014 hail storm that damaged many buildings, including, Abilene's City Link Terminal.

City Council will vote to get the roof repaired. They estimated the cost to repair it will be close to $400,000. They are choosing between two different proposals. City Council's approval for this funding will be fixed in the 2017 revised budget.

Hanna said, "I've heard enough stories about it and we're in the process of still going through and getting some of the damage that was done by that hail storm repaired."