A parody Facebook page got a lot of mixed emoji reactions and some frowns from City of Abilene staff. The satirical Facebook resembled the City of Abilene’s.

It appeared to be taken down Monday afternoon.

City staff were concerned about some of things posted on that page.

“We first became aware of the satirical Facebook page Wednesday afternoon,” Abilene PIO Alaisha Montanez said.

The parody page even used the City’s official logo.

“We do have concerns that someone might believe that this, or might have believed that this is the official City page,” Montanez said.

The page was called ‘bogus’ by the City of Abilene had over 400 followers.

City staff may take legal action for the use of the logo.

“We are concerned about the trademark infringement of our logo, so that is something we are still looking into and exploring our actions at this time,” Montanez said.

The creator of the page is unknown, but the City has a message for them.

“It’s our hope that the individual or individuals behind this would recognize that they should be critiquing, if anyone they should be critiquing it should be the leadership of the City. And not the men and women that are in the trenches everyday working to make Abilene a better community,” Montanez said.