ERIE, Pa. -- Quick thinking by a McDonald's worker brought the two-day manhunt for Steve Stephens to an end..

Stephens was at the center of a nationwide manhunt after police say he killed 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. on Easter Sunday at 695 East 93rd Street in Cleveland. Stephens later posted the video of him shooting and killing Godwin on Facebook.

The Cleveland Police and the FBI put the word out nationwide that Stephens was likely still driving the white Ford Fusion with the temporary license tag of #363630. They had also widely distributed his photo.

Social media soon spread the word. Erie is only a 2-hour drive from Cleveland.

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Just after 11 a.m. today (Tuesday), a female employee at the McDonald's drive-thru pay window in Harborcreek Township recognized Stephens and told her manager.

According to WKYC's Chris Tye, the manager called Pennsylvania State Police and that Stephens was there.

Stephens had ordered a 20-piece McNuggets and a side of fries. To stall him, employees allegedly told him the fries weren't ready yet.

According to Tye, Stephens pulled away from the drive-thru when he spotted police pulling into the McDonald's parking lot.

Sources tell WKYC's Monica Robins that the person who gave the tip that led to his location will receive the $50,000 reward.

Following a short pursuit of about a mile or so, police executed the pit maneuver -- striking a car on one of its fenders to make it spin -- on Buffalo Road by an abandoned school and an officer saw Stephens pull out a pistol and shoot himself.

Steve Stephens dead: 'We have closure'

Police said in a 3:30 p.m. news conference that an autopsy of Stephens' body will occur Wednesday at the Erie County Coroner's Office.

Watch WKYC's Chris Tye below: