With cold air still hanging around, many children are out and about in frigid weather.

Fox 15 sat down with a pediatrician to find out what's the best way to dress kids.

“Kids are not like adults, you know they lose heat, lose their temperature pretty quickly,” Dr. Hector Garcia said.

If not dressed properly your children can get sick.

They must be dressed in the right amount of layers, which may be different than what you may be wearing.

“Good, general rule of thumb is that your child to have one more layer than you would have,” Dr. Hector Garcia said.

So if you're wearing a shirt and a jacket, your child should wear a shirt, jacket, and an undershirt.

But, it doesn't stop there.

“Another thing that is really important is to cover their heads. That is usually one of the main sources where kids lose heat. And it's very easy to get dehydrated, eats very easy to get cold, you know through your head. So you want to put a hat on,” Dr. Hector Garcia said.

When it's cold, one or two more layers will work.

When it's extremely cold, they need three or more layers as well as a face mask.

Not dressing properly, can cost your children their health.

“Your antibodies might not be working as well, or your body just stops interacting. You know, you lose energy. And you need that energy to make antibodies,” Dr. Hector Garcia said.