Flu numbers are on the rise, and many are wondering if the flu shot does any good.

"I don't remember the last time I ever had the flu shot. I have a mother who is very educated in I guess what you would consider holistic medicine," resident Tyler Scott Wettschreck said.

Staff at Abilene's Hendrick Medical Center said "the flu is spreading rapidly, not just in Texas, because of the cold snap experienced across the country."

The hospital didn't have numbers on their flu cases, but the Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates it's caused up to 35 million illnesses nationwide.

With the flu death toll rising, many wonder if braving the needle is worth it.

"I've never had an issue, and I've really don't get sick that often so I've never had a reason to take the flu shot I guess," Wettschreck added.

A Facebook fan wrote, "never get it, never get the flu."

Doctors said the flu vaccine doesn't guarantee you won't get sick.

However, the CDC said it can prevent you from getting a severe case requiring hospitalization or even dying.

This is why another resident gets the flu vaccine every year.

"My doctor really wanted me to, but I'm high risk. So, I had liver disease so I really have to get it," said resident Brenda Wise.

Wise said she's never gotten the flu and hopes it stays that way.

Another Facebook fan agrees, writing "I’ve had the flu and never want it again."

"A lot of people say if you do the flu shot, you're going to get the flu. But I've never experienced it and I always have had the flu shot," Wise said.