Temperatures continue to stay below freezing, which can be life threatening for the homeless.

“We've seen triple our numbers every evening, trying to get in, be warm. We let folks stay in through the day,” Communications Director Shelley Futrelle said.

The Salvation Army is taking in men, women, and even children who don't have shelter from the brisk winds and snow.

When it hits 32 degrees or below, they have what are called 'free weather nights.'

On these nights, anyone without shelter can stay throughout the day and night.

“We make sure people are in here free and they're not having to worry about having to pay, etcetera. That they're here and they're warm and they're fed,” Futrelle said.

They're able to get warm meals, but the need doesn't stop there.

“Right now we really could use blankets. We could use warm jackets,” Futrelle said.

They expect to house about 120 people a night.

“It makes you feel good that you actually have the facility to offer for them to come and stay,” Futrelle said.

People who have no place to sleep tonight are encouraged to find shelter in their headquarters.

“We're just goin' to keep doing it and making sure people are taken care of,” Futrelle said.