Abilene Police responded to dozens of crashes over the weekend.

Black ice on Abilene roads revved up havoc for drivers.

Abilene Police answered 47 calls for help when drivers crashed in one day.

“We’re just like everyone else. We’re kind of at mother nature’s mercy sometimes,” Lt. Keith Shackleford said.

The ice not only delayed commute time for drivers.

Police said responding to one accident took an hour and a half because of the ice.

“Anyone who was out in the last 48 hours knows it was hard just walking across the street, let alone trying to drive a vehicle,” Shackleford said.

Lots of ice melted Monday, but that didn’t mean the speed limit was safe.

“There’s still patchy ice on the roadway. It’s still very slick, especially on rises, intersections and things like that,” Shackleford said.

He said to also prioritize your trips when roads are icy.

It’s best not to take a risk if not necessary.

"Is it just I want to go get something to eat, and I can eat at the house? Versus, I need to go get some medicine or I have to go to work, things like that,” Shackleford said.