The approach police are taking in the Steve Stevens case is slightly different than what we've seen in other manhunts in Ohio and around the country.

When there are manhunts or prison escapees, if you listen to how police officials talk about the suspects they're pursuing, you tend to hear words like 'this person,' or 'he,' or a *last* name.

But in the case of Steve Stephens, we are seeing a far different approach.

From the first press conference on Sunday thru the one late Monday, Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams is coming across personal and friendly.

Sunday: "Steve, people care..." or "People care Steve," or "Let us make a request Steve..."

Monday: "We're still asking Steve to turn himself in..." in the morning. "We're still imploring Steve to turn himself in," by afternoon.

A softer touch. Officers are hoping it connects with a scared man on the run.