The Abilene Police Department (APD) arrested 18-year-old, Utassius Arberry for a string of robberies he allegedly committed. He's been charged with three counts of first degree felony aggravated assault and one count of second degree felony attempted aggravated robbery.

Between Aug. 26 and Sept. 5 Arberry allegedly robbed three Abilene businesses at gunpoint, in the day time. The suspect was eventually identified as Arberry.

APD reported Arberry wore disguises and rode a bike to and from the scene of the crimes.

"Arberry was captured on Sept. 14, while attempting to rob a north side Abilene grocery store. Members of the APD Street Crimes Unit and Patrol helped set up a surveillance on Arberry. He was captured without incident and transported to the Taylor County Jail," according to an APD press release.

Arberry's bond totals to $105,000.