UPDATE (2:40 p.m.): We just spoke with Police Chief Larry Mahan from the Breckenridge Police Department. He has confirmed with us that Ronald Wagman was an officer with Breckenridge PD 12 years ago and left the department to work for a prison.

Chief Mahan also informed us that Ronald Wagman's father used to be sheriff for Shackleford County.

UPDATE (2 p.m.): The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has released a statement regarding this video.

The statement reads in full:

"OIG is aware of the video and is informed that local law enforcement have seen the video. At this time OiG has placed the employee on administrative leave pending OIG's review of the facts surrounding the events depicted on the video. It should be understood that the conduct displayed on the video is not representative of the expectations that the Office of the Inspector General has for its employees either on or off duty. Also, this event appears to have occurred while the employee was off duty. The OIG does not comment on any internal personnel matter. Accordingly, OIG will have no further comment until the matter is resolved."

The office also confirmed that the employee is Ronald Richard Wagman.


A teenage fist fight video has gone viral on social media. It has received a lot of attention not because of the teens fighting, but because two adults were encouraging the fight.

Multiple agencies are investigating this backyard brawl which was posted on Facebook recently, as of now it has over 8,000 views with tons of comments and shares.

Some viewers may find this video disturbing, discretion is advised.

The investigation started last Tuesday when a school resource officer with the Abilene Independent School District received this video.

The Abilene Police Department says it's a mutual combat type of fight. Two girls agreed to fight over a disagreement.

Many on Facebook ask why are adults encouraging the fight and the video shows a man even making contact with a girl.

As you can see, both adults are telling the other girl to come back and fight again.

One Facebook comment says, "The man is a cop with Abilene Police Department."

We have confirmed, The Abilene Police Department says he is not affiliated with them

Authorities have released the man's name to Fox 15, but we can't release it since it's an ongoing investigation.

Meanwhile the Texas Department of Criminal Justice says a man with his name is an investigator with The Office of the Inspector General.

The Abilene Police Department says the teenage girls will not face any criminal charges since it was a mutual agreement and it wasn't a public place where the fight happened.

Police also says the investigation is now with Child Protective Services and they will be the safety of the kids.