Many people are gearing up to slide into the New Year this weekend, but you don't want to slide on icy roads.

There's already some water on roadways, and it can easily turn into ice when temperatures drop.

TxDot wants to do what they can to make sure this doesn't turn into a driving hazard.

“Anytime you have winter weather in the area, you know you have a risk of you know maybe some slippery roadways,” TxDot PIO MaryBelle Olson said.

Abilene drivers may have noticed stripes on roadways, but what exactly are they?

“The stripes that people are seeing on the roadway is our pre-treatment solution which is brine,” Olson explained.

The mixture is sprayed on roadways to keep ice from sticking to the surface.

Ice causes dozens of accidents on roads every year.

“We work closely with the National Weather Service to determine if there's any winter weather coming through the area,” Olson said.

If so, the roads are pre-treated with the solution.

The amount of precipitation, and traffic on roads determines how many times they need to be prepped.

Olson said drivers should not head out blindly this weekend.

“Be sure to drive to conditions, maybe slow down a little bit if you need to and check roadway conditions before you leave,” Olson said.