The need of blood donors is a constant all over the country, but also right here in Abilene.
Often times when blood is donated it is sent somewhere in the country where it is needed most. But one local blood collection center keeps all their donations right here in West Texas.

Recruiter, Frances understands how important and vital it is to donate blood, but also how important it is that that blood stays where it's donated.
The Meek Blood Center is the only place in Abilene that collects blood donations and those donations stay local and help out the local hospitals where you or your loved one could end up.

Frances said when people are hesitant to give blood it is important to remember one thing.

She said, “When someone comes in and donates blood they have no idea who it is going to and they just need to stop and think if they ever needed blood to be thankful for the person that gave blood.”

Frances says donations are down during the summer so the need is even higher right now.
The Meek Blood Center has even partnered with Blue Bell for a “Pint for a Pint.”
When you donate a pint of blood you get a free pint of Blue Bell ice cream of your choice.