The Children’s Courtyard in Plano has fired two employees after they were caught on camera throwing a toddler to the ground.

Video posted on Facebook shows little Oliver Gilmore picked up and thrown down. His own mother saw it happen as she watched the video feed live at work.

"After the child was thrown to the ground and that child did not move... that was the most concerning act was seeing the child dropped and child not move,” said Officer David Tilley with the Plano Police Department.

The parents called Plano police after viewing the video.

Daycare worker Jasmine Torres was arrested and charged with child endangerment. She was booked and released from the Collin County Jail on Tuesday.

“We are dealing with a toddler. They are very resilient in some areas, but very fragile in others,” said Officer Tilley.

Police say the child was taken to a children’s hospital and had no injuries after being evaluated.

The Children’s Courtyard issued a statement saying they have strict policies and procedures to make sure kids are safe.

"Upon being made aware of this situation, we immediately notified authorities and partnered with the state as well and conducted our own investigation. Those involved are no longer employed with us," Children's Courtyard said.

WFAA reviewed the daycare’s safety records. In the last two years they have been cited 29 times for deficiencies. Nine of those were considered high risk; in one of the cases a child was left alone on a playground for about 30 minutes.

Police encourage parents to check out a daycare’s safety record before putting their child in any sort of care.

“More important is do your research before you drop off your kid to someone you don’t know,” said Tilley.

Police say you should try to find a daycare where you can monitor what is happening while you aren't there.