Director Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant is the sixth film in the Alien franchise. This one is a sequel to 2012’s Prometheus.

Michael Fassbender is back playing two synthetic androids. The newer version is assigned to a colony ship bound for a remote planet.

When the crew wakes up early, they re-direct to an uncharted world with some unwelcoming creatures.

“I feel like it’s a real mixture of some of the bigger ideas that were posed in Prometheus, and then the like rip-roaring, graphic mania of the original,” Katherine Waterson said.

“This film does a great job of sort-of answering some of the questions that Prometheus sort-of proposes. And I think it also leaves some questions yet to be answered at the end of this, I think,” Danny McBride said.

Scott has plans for two more Alien sequels if this one racks up blockbuster numbers.

“I think we could keep on going because I think the evolution going from Prometheus unlocked the door. We’ve opened the door now, asked a lot of questions, but also left a lot of questions now. And that’s the trick, you keep evolving,” Scott said.

And when it comes to believing life exists outsider our planet, the director and his cast are on the same page.

“I think there’s something else out there, for sure. We can’t be, you stand outside, looking up at the galaxy at night and think we’re it. It’s entirely ridiculous,” Waterson said.

“Yeah, it’s just too big. There’s got to be,” Waterson said.

“Absolutely. I believe that there’s species,” Fassbender said. “The question is whether they’re walking amongst us already or not, I would say.”