Andy Cohen keeps helping singles find The Love Connection, while Jamie Foxx tests more musical knowledge on Beat Shazam Thursday nights on Fox!

Both hosts say their competitors continue to surprise them.

“There was this one guy I can recall right now, I knew he knew it! He knows it’s R&B, he’s been killing, the song is playing, he doesn’t hit his button and he looks at me and says whatever the title was. I said, ‘Why didn’t you hit the bottom and say it?’ He says, ‘I…i…I froze. I don’t know what happened,’” Foxx said.

“There’s some real characters. They’re really funny, no shrinking violets allowed. And I would talk to the people before we went on – ‘Is this your first time on TV?’ And they all said, ‘Yes.’ They were all hilarious, real characters and fearless,” Cohen said.

The Love Connection is all inclusive with interracial, gay and lesbian couples, as well as contestants from all age groups. And Cohen says most all repeat the same dating do’s and don’ts.

“Clean yourself, be on time, get to know the other person, don’t make it all about yourself – that’s a real turn-off. Get off your phone, take a break from your phone, you’re not on a date with it and just open your mind, open yourself up. If it’s not exactly your type or what you thought, you may surprise yourself,” Cohen said.

And for Foxx, he’s learning how difficult his game is to win the big bucks!

“I would listen to a lyric and think that that was the song, think that was the title. You have to say the exact title. So, I fell for what you call -- and a lot of people fell for – the ‘fool’s gold.’ When they hear the lyrics, and they say, ‘That’s the title.’ But that’s not actually it. So, you have to really study up on what the actual title is.”