The new movie Everything, Everything is based on the bestselling book about a girl with a rare condition who risks everything after she falls for the boy next door.

Stars Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson have heard from many fans of the book.

“You have this incredible fanbase who’s so excited and always trying to get updates on it and giving us the excitement to be part of it,” Stenberg said.

Stenberg says the story stands out, especially as a young adult novel.

“First, in tone, in the way that it’s not really based in reality, it’s kind-of a quirky story, it’s kind-of surreal. But also the fact that it features an interracial couple and a black family and yet race is never really something that is addressed or talked about in the story. I think that’s really cool because we don’t get to see lots of young adult stories that feature young black girls as leads, as the romantic interest and get to carry those roles without a question.”

They say the film has several messages.

“It’s about this girl who can’t leave because she’s inside of this glass box, and it’s about her breaking out of that, pushing herself towards getting over her fears and insecurities,” Stenberg said.

“I think it goes to show the limits of electronic communication, test message or writing. When Mattie and Ollie first meet they start communicating, and they can’t meet in person and it’s only after they actually meet and there’s body language and it’s weird that they decide that they could have a relationship,” Robinson said.

And their costars say there are plenty of takeaways for parents in the audience too.

“It’s also the love between a mother and child, the love between a caretaker and her ward what that means and how those things are expressed differently and parents can recognize the fear of a child growing up, children will recognize the fear of wanting to jump and not knowing if they can or when,” Anika Noni Rose said.