On the two-hour season finale of MasterChef Jr., the top four contestants need to impress Gordon Ramsay and Christine Tosi, along with guest judges Wolfgang Puck and Martha Stewart.

Their final challenge is to create a chocolate molten lava cake. Ramsay has been impressed with this group of kids all season.

“The talent’s extraordinary. We have three-year-olds that have been watching the program for the last five years that have been having cooking lessons every Christmas, every holiday, every fall, getting ready, getting prepped from the age of four to come on the show. That’s what’s happening in America. And that’s how food they’re becoming – and it’s showing right now across the food.”

Up next, Ramsay has two shows premiering on May 31: season eight of MasterChef and a new series called The F Word.

Ramsay says being a top-tier chef takes a lot of work and sacrifice.

“Cooking has never been a job, it’s been a passion. So, I went to the very top with three Michelon stars and my ambition was to go across every ingredient in the world and never know what not to do with them, so I crafted my skill. I understand how to deliver great flavor, and that’s taken decades to perfect and I think you’re seeing the benefits of 25 years of graph and that’s coming into fruition and there’s a price to pay for that. And it’s called commitment, and I’ve never been shy of that.”