Last night the re-striping project was finalized in south Abilene, but some drivers say it's causing new confusion and problems.

A sign has been posted to warn drivers of the ongoing turn only lane. Some locals like the change but others say it's confusing. Some say this has even put their life at risk.

After speaking with locals, it seems like everyone has mixed reactions to the new turning lane on S. Clack St.

One local said, "Easier for traffic to get out onto the lane."

Another said, "It's turning into more of an inconvenience."

Vanessa Paige took on the new road to see what locals were experiencing.

Paige said while driving, "I'm driving past Southwest Drive, which is where that turning lane starts…You definitely have to be aware of when you're going to turn because you can't ride the turning lane all the way down."

One driver commented, "A lot of people are not paying attention and when they notice it's a turn only lane they jerk over into my lane. I've nearly been hit multiple times because of it."

The Texas Department of Transportation posted temporary and permanent signs to alert drivers about the change. They said this road is supposed to help drivers merge more safely.

Public Information Officer MaryBelle Turner said it's going to take drivers time to adapt.

She added, "The purpose of this project was to address the variable speeds that you experience in that area."