A football great came to the football state Wednesday, but not here for football this time. Instead a good cause, the Alliance for Women and Children.

If you've seen the movie Remember the Titans you may know who we're talking about, Coach Herman Boone.

Coach Boone had a lot of advice for coaching but he said, it’s more complex than most think.

"Coaching entails far more than x's and o's."

He said coaching means everything to a young player.

"To many kids a coach is a mother, a coach is the father, he’s a janitor, he's a cook, he's everything to kids.”

Coach Boone coached for over 40 years, but he said now he has mastered three things.

“I dress, I rest and I play golf"

Coach Boone still mentors coaches and players from time to time, but he said his coaching days are now behind him.
“What do I miss about coaching? Nothing. Listen I get up every day at 11 o’clock. I have never gotten up at 11 o’clock in my life."

But he still finds himself in the game, every Saturday.

“You'll find me under the tree looking at the ankle biters football practice, you know the little kids we call them ankle biters. I love it I love it I love it, just going out there and seeing them with their helmets turned all the way backwards."

Coach Boone said he's happy to have been able to coach the sport he loves for so many years and he can’t wait to see the future of the great sport of football.