The Abilene Police Department said they are hosting, "Rodney's Off-Road Challenge" to benefit the Rodney Holder Memorial Scholarship.

This off-road challenge will be a three point, six mile obstacle course. It will be over at the Abilene police training facility.

They are asking those who are interested in participating to make plans to attend Sept. 30. The event will last from 8 a.m. to noon.

According to the Rodney's Off-Road Challenge Facebook page, "this event is to honor and remember Rodney Holder, who served the Abilene Police Department and community of Abilene for 28 years."

"On April 29, 2010, Rodney was killed in the line of duty four blocks from his home, while in pursuit of a violator, when another driver did not see him and turned in front of him," according to the Facebook page.