The Abilene Salvation Army shelter expects to reach capacity with Hurricane Harvey victims.

The shelter has been helping Hurricane Harvey evacuees sin the chaos started.

They are expecting more and more people in need which will lead them to reach the 200 people capacity at the shelter.

Majore Linda Keeny from the Abilene Salvation Army says there are about 10,000 evacuees in the metroplex area seeking shelter and some will make their way to the Big Country.

The shelter currently houses 100 people. They received their first evacuees, a family of four, on Wednesday.

Currently all of their family rooms are full. The shelter has a capacity to take in 132 people.

But, they have their gymnasium and other rooms the can open us as well. Allowing them to give shelter to a total of 200 people.

If they fill up, Denise Miguel, employee at the Salvation Army says Big Country residents have called to let them know they’re ready to open up their homes for evacuees.

“People are offering their homes. They have extra bedrooms and spaces available. That would be the fallback plan if we couldn’t house them,” said Miguel.

This is just the beginning.

Miguel says they haven’t heard of any large groups coming in to Abilene, but it’s a trickling process.

They are ready to reach capacity of 200 people.