Sometimes you just need a little extra help around the house, but some may not have that. But one Abilene business is giving those who need it, some help.

With a name like “Sometimes Spouse” you may be wondering what this business offers. But don’t worry it’s strictly business said owner, James Page.

Sometimes Spouse is essentially a husband or wife rental. If you need handyman work, you rent a husband. If you need housework done, rent a wife.

James said Sometimes Spouse does just about everything you ask for; they’ll even watch your dog.

He said while their services are widely used, some people are weary of letting someone they don’t know into their home. But he said there’s not need to worry about that. James said, “If I wouldn’t send you to my grandmothers house there’s no way I’m going to send you to one of my customers houses."

There are now 40 locations of Sometimes Spouse all over Texas, and Abilene is the newest.

James says Sometimes Spouse is here to assist the people of Abilene in whatever they need and they are excited to see how many people they can help.