A Museum Park resident says her doorbell camera captured a man relieving himself on her doorstep Saturday morning.

The Ring surveillance video shows a man urinate then defecate just outside the front door. He then picks up a board and destroys the camera.

The suspect has not been identified yet.

Alexandra Ulsher tells KHOU 11 News she had to clean up the mess at her mother’s house.

“Why? What would be the reasoning for him to come that far back into our driveway just to go to the bathroom?,” she said. “I’m really thankful my mom wasn’t home at that time, because he could have hurt her or (the dog). He just got so angry so fast.”

Several business owners and neighbors say the disgusting act caught on camera is not an isolated incident.

They are convinced the nearby homeless encampment, located under Highway 59 near Almeda Road is to blame.

Kristy Bridges says she has witnessed people using public areas and lawns as toilets twice in the last two months.

“This isn’t right. It isn’t fair to anybody. Our neighbors living in the tents, it isn’t a life for them. Nor is this a life for our residents and business owners,” Bridges said. “Why is this acceptable in our neighborhood? I don’t see this happening in any other neighborhood nearby.”

Marc Eichenbaum, with the Mayor’s Office, says the City is aware of the reports. He says they are looking into public health issues in and around the encampment.

Houston police have been notified and is stepping up enforcement in the area as a result.

Eichenbaum explained urinating and defecating in public is illegal. He encourages people to report incidents and work with law enforcement.

However, Ulsher says calling police hasn’t seemed to help so far.

“All the defecating, it’s happening everywhere," she said. "There’s break ins happening everywhere. People are stealing packages. It’s getting worse, and worse, and worse. Something needs to be done about it, because the people who live in that area have worked hard to get their homes, and are having to protect their homes from other people coming in. That’s not OK. Something needs to be done. And it needs to be done immediately.”

The City recently passed two homeless ordinances, including one that bans tents in public areas.

City officials say it is a complex process, but the tent ordinance is being enforced through police issuing a series of warnings, tickets, then eventually making arrests.

The ACLU has filed suit against the City of Houston over the new rules.