The family of a seven-year-old Texas boy with special needs wants answers about why their child was handcuffed at school.

A photo of the child in handcuffs went viral.

His mother says she was called to come pick up her son from Gabe P. Allen Charter School in Dallas on May 9 because of his behavior.

When she arrived, school administrators told her he was taken to a mental facility to prevent harm to himself and others.

The boy remained in the facility’s custody until Monday, May 15 – six days after the incident.

The family’s lawyer says the district did not follow protocol.

The boy’s mom is asking for a detailed report, and she wants to know whether the staff in place had proper training to handle her son’s issues.

“He’s very misunderstood. He’s a special needs child. And he requires those special needs sometimes just a little bit more than any other.”

The Dallas Independent School District released a statement saying the boy was restrained to prevent him from harming himself.