A driver's dash camera captured one wrecker after another, barreling down the shoulder very close to other drivers on Friday.

"You see one, you don't think much of it but when you see three or four of them do it in a line, it makes you notice," said Kevin Abbott.

Abbott was headed home to Spring last Friday from midtown and had his dash camera rolling on I-45 north of the Beltway.

Abbott couldn't help but note the flurry of tow truck drivers responding to the accident in front of him.
"They just seem to keep coming," said Abbott said. "That's why I kind of put it online because there are so many. When you drive like that, it's counterproductive to the function. Obviously they are there for a reason."

He posted his video to YouTube and Reddit and found many like-minded drivers, furious at the way wrecker drivers drive.

"If any of those vehicles drifted over to the emergency lane they could've taken out those cars," said Constable Alan Rosen of Harris County Precinct 1.

He believes these wrecker drivers unsafely headed to the accident.

"If any one of vehicles in the video would've moved over slightly to the emergency shoulder it would've been another accident," Rosen said.

He added that these workers are crucial--sometimes arriving at scenes before law enforcement, often serving as blockades while investigators investigate.

"At the same time you can't have other people who are potentially going to put other drivers at risk--that's just silly for a tow," Rosen said.

Tow truck drivers we spoke with didn't have great solutions.

Constable Rosen thought it would be best to speed up what's called the "chipping up" process. That's the process when wreckers arrive at a scene and draw straws to determine who gets the tow.