Background checks for drivers could be conducted differently if a bill becomes law in Texas.

Today, The Texas House of Representatives passed House Bill 100.

It's meant to regulate rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft statewide.

HB100 would void any existing city ordinance and does not require fingerprint background checks for those rideshare companies.

But it would require for drivers to undergo a local, state and national background check.

Those checks have been a point of contention.

Also, rideshare companies would be required to provide the driver's first name, picture and detailed vehicle description before each ride.

But some representatives have tried to ad amendments to allow cities to decide to choose if background checks are required.

"And to not have these drivers have to do a fingerprint background check is just ridiculous. The state ought to step up and say 'we vetted every avenue to make sure that when citizens get in these vehicles they are with a driver that they can trust.' and to the extent that we are not doing it and we should not prevent our cities from doing it," said State Representative Yvonne Davis.

The next step for HB100, it'll now make its way to the Senate Committee.
But no date has been set as to when that will happen.