The City of Abilene has deployed multiple personnel and resources to areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

City Manager Robert Hanna said on Sunday to the City Council, "Abilene is actively involved in helping those impacted by Harvey. This will be one of the most devastating storms in Texas history, and the State Office of Emergency Management is calling upon local governments to assist in the response and recovery of this storm."

The City has deployed the following resources:

Abilene Fire Department:

  • Type 1 Engine with crew of four firefighters
  • One fire officer leading a taskforce
  • One chief officer located at Corpus Christi acting as Resource Unit Leader for an Incident Management Team
  • One firefighter located in Pierce acting as a Resource Unit Leader
  • Total of seven personnel, one engine and two staff vehicles

Abilene Police Department will be deploying following assets in the near future:

  • Eight police officers to assist in security details at greater Houston area emergency shelter locations

City of Abilene, non-sworn personnel are assisting as follows:

  • Thirty employees, in three shifts of 10 are serving as 211 - A Call for Help, call takers to assist our fellow Texans identify resources and assistance during this civil emergency
  • Evacuation shelters if requested by the State of Texas

Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams said, "During this moment, it is important that we not only pray for our fellow Texans, but that we also assist them as we are able. Many of us have friends and family members in areas that have been impacted by this devastating storm. As a community, we will be there for them and for other too. This is the Abilene way, we serve others."