What does it take to run into a burning building when everyone else is running out?

Fox 15 spoke with Battalion Chief Russell Pope on how firefighters mentally prepare for their strenuous jobs.

Chief Pope said, "When you first start as a firefighter there's always a level of trepidation, a little bit of concern about going into a burning building, a lot of people don’t have that mindset and are not actually suited for the fire service."

Abilene Fire Department is looking for brave men and women to be a part of the team. But Chief Pope said the job isn’t for everyone.

He said, "One of the main problems is claustrophobia, because the gear that you wear kind of obscures the vision to a point."

But Chief Pope said the training these firefighters go through gets them ready for these conditions. And he said this training weeds those out who aren’t cut out.

He said, "When we first start as cadets in class we will put on a SEBA, the face mask of the SEBA, they will put foil inside of it to black it out and they will put that on your face and we have had guys take it off, say thanks for the opportunity, walk out and get in their car and leave."

He said, with the right mindset and work ethic anyone can become a firefighter.

If you wish to apply with the Abilene Fire Department, visit Abilene City Hall.