Hide your mowers and hide your clippers thieves are on the loose.

According to Abilene Police, 11 lawnmowers have been stolen since August 1st. And nearly 3,000 dollars was lost due to the thefts.

Local store manager Brian Barton said there’s nothing specific these thieves are looking for in the equipment, just as a whole it’s valuable.

While police reports show lawnmowers are the main victim of theft, Barton said more handheld equipment is easier and faster to take.

He said that people leave their equipment out most likely not thinking someone would take it. But Barton said, they will be sadly mistaken once they find their valuables gone.

Some riding mowers were priced at over 5,000 dollars and the handheld items were in the hundreds.

Barton said it’s easy to keep your valuables where they belong; just put it up. He said when you’re done put it in a garage or shed and keep it locked and don’t leave the equipment in the yard while you take a break.

But if you do fall victim there is a way to possibly get your items back. Barton said make sure to document the model and serial number of every piece of equipment, police can track it that way and maybe be able to return it if found.